-My life is empty-


today again I can not close itself
somehow I could further

why am I embarrassed?

whereas if I would dare get near him.
loved him.

weariness myself.
no one can become a place curhatanku.

my brothers were not there beside me

I miss my brother who went
I miss her words

"Yo! My lil Kitty .. how are you? Koneko-chan ~"

nostalgic ..
brother miss ..
want to cry

sister ..
Yumi could not sleep ..
accompany ..
sing the song by my brother ..

Topic : Diary - Genre : Diary

-My second holiday-


this time I tried to approach him slowly.
my heart was beating very fast
somehow I could not spend my words
like my body shrinking

I'm really shy
very shy
having contact with him just makes me want to faint

weariness my body ..

I wanted to scream.

".. Do you mind me doing it with you?"

but the voice could not get out ..
weariness ...

Topic : Diary - Genre : Diary

-My Holiday-






Topic : Diary - Genre : Diary


The little birds fly free ... ... the high-flying wings to follow your voice ...

Blue sky ... sky ... cloud moving to the rhythm of your song ...

'Do not cry ... I do not want to see you grieve ... tears do you shed ... I just want to see you smile ... smile bright ...'

Reflexion beautiful instruments from your song make me happy ...

There are times when I'm sad ... but ...

There are times when I'm happy ....

All because of you ...

Will you continue to fill my days?

Will you keep by my side?

Will you continue to love me?

Happy, sad, sad, angry ....

Expression of what must I show you?

Will look happy?

My expression should show you if you were not there beside me?

Would look so sad?

My expression should show you if you do not respond to me?

Will the grim expression?

My expression should show you if you do not take me?

Will the expression of anger?

My expression should show you if you do not give me your affection?

And? Expression what should I show you?

Can you answer?

Tears spilled my tears ... again ... when you were not here beside me ...

'Weep ... weep .... Do not you cry again .... Do not ... please ...'

Sick .... ... My heart sick when you do not give your affection more ...

'Sorry ... sorry ... I should do? "

Smile ... smile ... I'll give you this ... when you're beside me and give me your affection ...

'Come on, smile ... smile ...'

".. Aitai Aitai, demo aenai. Kodoku no mune ni hana wa sakanai .. "

Smile ... smile ... do not cry ....

I ... love you ...

Topic : Diary - Genre : Diary

-My Sunday-

today I tried to approach him
because my body is weak but always, every time I engaged in activities
I fainted

really stupid
I fainted in front of him

what a shame

wanted to run it but my body was not strong
I had to get up with the help of my friend

want to yell but could not

I'll try to get his attention again!!

Topic : Diary - Genre : Diary